Tracking in dark environments

Apologies for abusing the “i’m stuck” tag here but it seemed the most appropriate.

I’m looking to create an AR experience using lightship that augments the night sky but not sure if the tracking will be sufficient on most devices to make it worthwhile. Does anyone have experience with or demonstrations on this? Maybe some suggestions on how i could keep the tracking as stable as possible in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am guessing the only way to know is to try.
This probably depends on where you are, how dark it is, and what phone is used (IOS is probably better for this)

Hello Merijn,

Scanning typically requires areas with distinct features in order to produce quality scans and accurate tracking. Large areas with few sharp characteristics and areas in poor lighting generally do not perform as well and will be less accurate. Please refer to the Scan the Environment as a Host section of our Shared AR documentation for scanning guidelines. You may also want to check out the Scanning Best Practices section for tips on scanning as it relates to VPS. Thank you!

I can verify that even some VPS enabled Wayspots that localize fine during the day will fail to localize at night under lamp light.