Ted, the WW2 guy!

Hi all,

I’ve been busy in many areas of AR with WebGL and native apps via Unity. Now I’m super excited about Lightship as it resolves the main issues including: multiplayer, meshing, occlusion and segmentation.

So now, I’m porting my WW2 Soldiers Experience (Unity MARS app) to Lightship for iOS and Android. It’s designed to get people outdoors and play single/multi-player Soldiers and can be scaled down to use indoors.

I took a trip to the supermarket to test the mortars; the trick is to get them to explode when they hit the floor. It’s difficult, velocity, mass and angles are complex and getting the soldiers on the floor is currently in progress so some are still floating.

So, here’s a messy rough draft video to give you the idea.

(p.s. currently unemployed!)

It’s really neat to see the start of developers like yourself porting things across to Lightship! It looks like it has a whole lot of potential right there. Very keen to see how much further it helps everyone take their AR creations :smiley:

@Andrew_Ted_Tedford this is awesome! Are you submitting this for the Winter Challenge?
Hop over to our Discord and DM me!