Unable to request a Vps Activation ... still

Hey “Lightship” techsupport… VPS Activation ist still not possible… 3 days now.
Ingress players need your help!


Supposedly Lightship was not made for us to activate Overclock, yet this is the only way to activate Overclock!

Can’t expect much from Niantic when it comes to getting things right!!


This lag (between pressing the activation button, and anything happening) has happened before. Usually the pause is only a day or two. In July it was almost a week. Looking like this time will be a week.

My guess is that the image-stitching program throws an error, and processing stops - and no one checks the error log for a while. (Or maybe it just abends without giving an error; we don’t know.) And Niantic doesn’t have daily monitoring totals, to notice that 0 activations happened yesterday, and none the day before.

The Lightship map will change the “Activate Wayspot” button to text “The VPS activation for this location is currently running”. The difference this time (December) is that if you leave that Wayspot and come back, it’s back to having an “Activate Wayspot” button.

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Am in the same situation, a wayspot is activated in “experimental” form, I have scanned again and loaded only “good” scans. I have a button to reactivate, but I get an error “ERROR: Unable to request a Vps Activation”… This happens to me on two different wayspots…
Anything I can do?

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Same as this one,

Also Lightship Mod replied too.

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This problem started Dec 15th. I’ve been trying to activate wayspots every day, and got a small subset of requests to work on the 18th & 19th.

A Niantic employee replied to another thread on the 20th, saying “While VPS activations are still possible, we are experiencing a long backlog that is causing significant delays in the activation process. We appreciate your patience while we work through them.” (In the same thread, the original poster replied with unverified outrageous information from another site, so the topic was closed.)

It sounds to me like scans can’t process because of server issues.

Either Niantic doesn’t know it’s down (not monitoring this forum OR system performance), or they know but aren’t prioritizing fixing it.
Maybe they did something they thought would fix it, but didn’t verify.
Maybe they don’t have enough developers to fix it quickly.

Now they’re off work through Tuesday (Christmas holiday). Even if they realize this when they first walk in the door, and get it fixed in one business day - the fix will be 5:00PM PST (California time) at the earliest.

OR maybe their strategy is not to fix it - just let requests trickle through slowly.

Lack of communication keeps us guessing!


This is not a BUG… niantic F%cks up all the time! As they startet with prime anf since then…


(In the same thread, the original poster replied with unverified outrageous information from another site, so the topic was closed.)

Here you mean by Original Poster is me (Dinesh_Valor) and there mentioned information is also from original Lightship site, not from another site (guess you don’t know about that) and later that topic is Closed by me just after got the update news from Niantic about VPS activation related issue same poster by me just before Lightship Moderator replied in the same thread.

So I thought it’s unnecessary to keep this topic because both platform Dev (Lightship & Niantic) already well aware about that issue by that time.

The reason behind that outrage load on server is due to on-going event in Ingress Prime (game by Niantic) in which VPS activation going on high volume, so currently Lightship shutdown VPS activation from other platforms.

Your reply was a quote from @IUENG which is not Niantic-related. They speculated that Niantic stopped activations on purpose, without quoting any Niantic source.

As the saying goes, “Never attribute to malice, that which can be explained by ignorance.”

I don’t think Niantic/Wayfarer would stop activations on purpose. I think Niantic was ignorant to encourage more scanning/activation than the their system could handle. And I think it’s not fixed because they are ignorant that it’s broken, or how to fix it, or that it’s important to fix. OR maybe they know, but don’t have resources to fix it. I think it’s ludicrous to think Wayfarer would cut off a major part of their own business on purpose.

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That post is not originally mine but I contacted to Ingress support team (Game by Niantic) related same issue and they confirmed about the VPS activation error and I found similar info into that post (by IUENG), so even explaining too much info by my own, I just simply shared that info with all fellow members. Also in that post I didn’t found any mis-leading or fake info.

Hence, we can’t say that is unverified, or even if you still have any doubt left please feel free to ask officially support team and verify the same.

I don’t think so, it is an big deal how much you made it.

I just request you please properly readout, understand, studied provided info and then if you found something suspicious ask them to clear your doubt rather than commenting and decide what is true or not by own your own.

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There is no huge VPS Activation back-log. When it actually let’s you actuvate, it’s finished in the usual three or so hours.

It’s simply Niantic showing off their special talent they have called incompetence anc horrible lack of communication.


That is 100% true

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It looks like it’s been turned back on, with the max of 10 Wayfarers being activated!!

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Why is there no Statement from niantic???

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Non il n a pas était réactivé …

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Still an ongoing issue.

Surely Niantic want MFLA across their titles?

Still an issue for me as well.

Using the Geospatial Browser in a browser, I always get “ERROR: Unable to request a Vps Activation.”

If I try to activate using the Wayfarer app, I will get the message that the VPS activation process is running, can take 2-3 hours, etc. Also, if I reload the wayspot info, it presents the “Activate Wayspot” button again, as if my request was never accepted. This happens whether or not the activation eventually completes.