Using VPS to localize murals/paintings

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Hey all, we have a concept for a project to augment murals, normally we’d take a picture and use image detection for this but the app is also going to have VPS already.
My question is, can VPS resolve locations based on texture data? Does it weigh them in the localization process or are we solely using mesh data for this?


Hello Merijn,

May I know the reason for also needing the Texture to be weighted in the localization process? If the mural is already a VPS location, localization would be possible without needing texture information. Is there something you want to do with the Texture at the time of localization or when you’re saying that you want to augment murals do you need to access that Texture data to apply your own effects?

Hey Jesus,

Sorry for the confusion, i was just talking about the localization process, i don’t need the texture data in my app.
What i was wondering is, if i for instance have a flat wall with an image on it, would VPS be able to localize against this? Because from my understanding it only localizes based in meshing but i could be wrong here :slight_smile:

Hi Merijn,

VPS should be able to localize. I also checked the Geospacial Browser that’s on the portal and there are murals there that are marked Production which means they can be localized against.

I would recommend giving it a go and reaching back out if you’re having any issues but we definitely do have murals that have been scanned.