Can the downloaded dcr file of private mesh be used directly in the project for visual positioning?

As the title, I would like to create a VPS app by using private mesh without Internet.
Are there any articles or instructional videos to learn from?


Private meshes allow developers who are not close to VPS activated locations an opportunity to localize against local user-generated content. This way they can test the visual positioning system in private.
To use the VPS localization feature you need to have network connectivity.
Could you please elaborate on your use case, it would be very helpful?
Please refer to the below documents related to VPS Localization, and how to set up or add meshing to an existing scene can be found here:
Localizing with VPS
Meshing getting started

Thank you.

Thank you for the reply.
The scene file “WayspotAnchors” of ARDK example scene can test private meshes that I have uploaded to MyMesh?


Yes, you can test your private VPS locations using WayspotAnchor. VPS Wayspot Anchors are used to place virtual objects which maintain a consistent, stable position in an AR environment. Wayspot anchors allow you to precisely locate your AR content in the real world relative to a VPS-activated Wayspot or Private VPS Location. Please refer to this link for more information.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!
I have tried the WayspotAnchors and I have got the message “Session initialized and Localized” from the published App.
But it showed the message "No Anchor to load " when I pressed the Load button.

Is the App possible to show a game object I placed in advance when it was localized in the private mesh. And then it was localized in another private mesh, it will show another game object.


The message “No anchors to load” will show if you haven’t already placed an object (anchor) in the scene or pressed the Save button. In that case, there are no anchors (objects) to load from the save file.
Can you try the below steps against your private scan?

  1. Localize successfully
  2. Tap somewhere to place an object/anchor
  3. Hit the Save button
  4. Either hit the Clear button or reload the app and re-localize
  5. Hit the Load button
    And then check whether the No anchors to load error is gone. Hopefully, this will help to resolve your issue!
    With your second question, can you please elaborate more about what you are trying to achieve?

Thank you for the help.
I have finished the test.

I would like to create an AR guide app like the project Designium shown as the link Build Immersive AR with Lightship VPS - YouTube
How can it automatically show the 3D object somewhere when the app shows the message “Localized”.

Glad to know that it works for you.

Next, once you reload the app and re-localize it, then hit the load button so it shows the 3D object automatically that you placed and saved earlier.
To learn about how to place an object into the scene, please refer to the Basic placement tutorial.
Hope it helps!

Note that origin anchors have been added to private mesh downloads, making it easier to align content with downloaded private meshes in Unity. See: Origin Anchor for Private Test Meshes

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