What does everyone think of when they think of Lightship?

Watching this presentation and the Metaverse one just has my mind flooding with different ideas and I didn’t really see a thread where people were just shooting ideas so I thought I would make a post and just spout nonsense!

  1. My first thought was a Stalker framework thing where you can have a 3D model follow you in the AR world. As a Pokemon fan the first thing I think of is having a Pokemon follow me! Then the framework could have ways of customizing personality for the model and defining actions when the personality falls into different thresholds of values! Definitely a good place to use AI and with the Niantic servers other people could see the 3D model following you too. This 3D model could also be a helpful assistant, reminding you of appointments or responsibilities. A mobile Siri/Alexa/Google Home that doesn’t need you to say, Hey Siri, Alexa, Ok Google!

  2. A much simpler idea would be wearing a 3D model! This could be clothes, or a custom Avatar! When people look at you through the AR world then they would see this model! Remember that the model has to follow you though! When you log out and log back in the model should disappear from everyone and reappear where you are.

  3. Schooling!!! This is one of the biggest advancements we need. I HATE school, I excelled only when I felt like it and I’m a college drop out. The problem wasn’t my capabilities it was the platform! I took so many cool classes that I wish I got more out of and with AR technologies it would have been possible. The dream would be to have an online AR/VR school! Where the courses are more engaging! If anyone makes a course in making Dragons out of Glass then I will buy it!!!

  4. This isn’t exactly AR related, but I would want everything in the AR Metaverse to be an NFT so I can give it to someone else. It would be even cooler if everything I buy is on the Ledger and I can jump into different Metaverses and still have access to my ledger of purchases.

Those are just the random thoughts that came to mind!
If anyone likes these ideas or has better ones make a post!

I too thought of the immense possibilities to improve schooling via AR ! There are so many concepts which required a 3D model to grasp but not every school has that available.