GeoGlitched Progress So Far

Hi all! I put together GeoGlitched, an AR game which was incredibly lucky to have won the Lightship AR Demo Challenge earlier this year :slight_smile:

For those who haven’t heard of it yet (totally understandable, I’ve been largely focused on dev stuff and it’s not released yet :stuck_out_tongue: ), it’s a game that uses Niantic’s Lightship ARDK to generate objects throughout your world that have appeared from somewhere else — street signs, flags, newspaper headlines, bills of local currency and more. You’ve got to work out which location the items are from and choose that location to send them back!

It uses a whole bunch of open APIs across the web to generate each challenge, so the game is always updating with new content.

I’ve got a progress video of how it’s all looking after a bit more work since my competition submission which I thought I’d share with the Lightship community (haven’t shared this anywhere else yet!).

Note: there’s no sound in this one! Feel free to play your own tunes while watching :musical_note:

I’ve got the original submission video and a form for people to register to be notified about early access here if anyone is interested:

Would love to see what others have been creating too :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! Love to see it~

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