Correct way of enabling ARDK Managers

Hi guy’s what’s the correct way of enabling and disabling a manager at runtime? I have semantic segmentation and plane detection component set on arcamera but i don’t want them to run simultaneously. I’m trying to enable plane manager after semantic found a channel at the touch x & y pos. How should i activate the plane manager feature?

Hi e_scanta,

Yes, there is a way of enabling and disabling a manager at runtime by doing some modification in code (By disabling Using Unity Lifecycle).

By default, any managers created through the Inspector will have their behavior controlled based on the lifecycle of the Unity component. They will do any initialization logic during Awake, enable their features during OnEnable, disable their features during OnDisable, and release any resources held during OnDestroy. If, for whatever reason, you need to take manual control over the lifecycle of a Manager this is possible by setting its “Manage Using Unity Lifecycle property” to false in the inspector.

Please Check out the “Taking Manual Control Over The Lifecycle” section at
Hope this helps, thanks!

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