Change the whole scene/camera scale - possible?

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  • Unity version:2019.4.32

Description of the issue:
I’m looking to amend the whole scene scale!

In AR Foundation, you increase the size of ARSessionOrigin and the scene is scaled accordingly. Is there a way to achieve the same in ARDK? I’ve tried increasing the scale of ARSceneManager and ARSceneCamera in the PlaneAnchor demo to no avail.

I did place my machine gun prefab into an empty gameobject scaled at .5 but the animations attached no longer fit the gun, and the ejected bullets are full size, so there will be a lot of adjusting to do. So, amending the scene/camera/worls scale is best, but is there a way I wonder?

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Probably will need to use relative scales instead of absolute scales in the objects inside the scaler.

I’ve been through the scaling of the objects and children and particles, there was a lot to change as I have many different soldier assets with bombs and bullets, velocities, size, etc. A lot of work for a package to be amended to the right size. Making the particle scale to “hierarchy” was needed too.

I think it’s pretty fiddly, I wish there was a way to edit the overall scale, then I can just drop Asset store packages in, resize the scene and use them as with AR Foundation. Future feature request maybe?

Hi Andrew, we’ve logged your feature request. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Hello, has there been any progress on this feature request? Unfortunately not being able to easily/universally scale AR objects in the scene is a deal-breaker for anyone who would like to add complex physics objects to a Lightship project.

For example I would not be able to scale up a car controller to real-world-size or down to toy-size without making numerous changes to the car controller and settings in Unity. And Unity’s physics system works best at 1:1 scale, so scaling a car down to 0.1 of it’s original size would cause issues.

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Hi Tim,

We are still working on this. We appreciate your patience while a resolution is found.
We will update you here as new information flows in. Thanks

Hi Tim, as previously mentioned, we’ve logged the feature request, but we’re not able to give updates on a timeline for if and when such a feature would be implemented. That said, thank you so much for letting us know that the feature is important to your workflow! Hearing your feedback definitely helps us to understand what we should prioritize as we add more features to ARDK Lightship.

Thanks @David_Quevedo for the reply! For the record, here’s an example of the kind of gameplay I’m prototyping in Lightship:

It’s a physics-based character controller… If I had left it at the original scale, the character would be about 5 feet tall in AR space, but I wanted to test your meshing and occlusion with a small game-sized character in the real world. So I had to manually scale it down by 85% including numerous adjustments to attributes such as gravity, jump heights, move/rotation speeds etc which is a tedious process.