Get several blocks from one block coord and radius

Hello there,

I’m porting code from a game we did with ARFoundation, PointOctree, ObiFluid and LiDAR devices to test it with Lightship.

I found two very helpful methods from the ARMeshManager class: GetBlockCoords((Vector3 worldCoords, out Vector3Int blockCoords) and GetBlockGameObject(Vector3Int blockCoords). However I need to get several blocks from a position with a radius in order to slime a limited area with the fluid.

It would be great if I could do it easily with a GetBlockGameObjects(Vector3Int blockCoords, float radius) for example, instead of re-doing an octree after yours.

Hi Angeline, thanks for your suggestion! I will forward this and see if we can implement that into future updates.

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Thanks! It would be great