Navmesh on Meshing

Hi all! I am trying to build Navmesh on Meshing results in Unity. I tried using the AI Navigation Package to address this problem. I attached a LocalNavMeshBuilder.cs, and had it track the ARSceneCamera object. I also attached a NavMeshSourceTag.cs component to the MeshColliderChunk prefab. The application correctly generates meshes over real world objects (so meshing is successful). However, it does not seem to generate any navmesh on top of the meshing result during runtime. Has anyone solved this issue before? If so, please let me know, thank you!

Hello. Traditional Unity NavMesh will not work with the ARDK Meshes. To add navigation to your Lightship app, use the Gameboard:

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Thanks so much! I’ll check it out :))) Does Gameboard work with vertical surface navigation as well?? Thanks again!

Hey @Jaewook_Lee , i did find an example of navigation using meshes on the discord server some time ago, it looks like this: Spider gameplay - YouTube
Not sure how they managed to get it working exactly but it does make use of lightship meshing or gameboard.

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Thanks @Merijn_Kersten ! It looks like they are using meshing, but I am not sure if it is relying on gameboard. I will look into it more. Thanks all!

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