How using Semantic to mask video360?

Issue category: Semantic Segmentation / ARDK Documentation
Device type & OS version: Android
Host machine & OS version: Windows
Issue Environment : Unity / On Device
ARDK version: 3.1
Unity version: 2022.3.41

Description of the issue:

I followed the tutorial on the Documentation: How to Query Semantics to Find Real-World Objects | Niantic Lightship

The script works fine on the Raw image, I understand how to replace the texture on the segmentation, but this is a single image in a canvas that expands across the screen.

I want the same effect on a 360 video. I’m trying to get an effect like the Sky Effects on 8ThWall.

I tried using the same script on a sphere with a mesh renderer, but the segmentation is distorted.
I try with a renderTexture under RawImage with a mask but the segmentation only shows information about the semanticMaterial.

Can anyone help me, is there a way to map the segmentation onto a sphere?
Or is it possible through the shader to only show what is under the segmented parts?

Hello Extesa,

May I know what Android device you’re using and how you’re creating the 360 video?