Initial Q's on my project - what route to take with private scans

I’m hoping I could glean some wisdom from the community at the front end on my project?

I have spaces in the countryside that I want to create private VPS scans for. There are mounds, trees and fences. Is this enough info for lightship to work?

I read that you can only do one scan for a private VPS scan? And that private scans are for development only. Ultimately I’d want users to pay to see the AR created in Unity and geolocated with private scans, as it’s normally private land. I’d imagined I would set up a coverage area and then capture loads of VPS localisation targets within that are. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m pretty confused! So would appreciate some advice.

While it’s not recommended, private scans can be used for production as well afaik.
If there are just trees, it will have a hard time knowing what is what. It helps if there is something unique.

Otherwise you might be able to use lightship maps in order to do locations, without VPS

Thanks @Dylan_Smit

if there are unique bumps and mounds in the field, would it be able to use that and know what and where it is?

Was there a typo at the end of your first sentence? Is ‘production’ when you’re selling your app that uses lightship?

I’ll take a look at lightship maps now.
Many thanks

Depends, but maybe not. Just make a scan and test it!

Afaik means as far as I know. And yes, production means selling it in your case

:rofl: My bad. Thanks for you help