Is it possible to use the editor as one of the players in Multiplayer?

ARDK 1.0.1
Unity 2020.3.1
iPhone 11
Xcode 13.2 beta

At the moment for me to test multiplayer functionality I need to keep building to two devices and then debugging via log printouts - it’d be great if I could have the Editor as one of the players so I could see what was going on in Unity - which messages were getting through etc. Obviously it wouldn’t be able to sync up the AR space but for lots of my testing at the moment - that wouldn’t matter and it’d mean just one build to my iPhone pre-test. Is that possible at all? Thanks.

Hello Ross,

If you are on an Intel based Mac (not supported on Windows or M1 Macs), you can try creating an IMultipeerNetworking with RuntimeEnvironment set to LiveDevice,
and it should connect to the mobile phone to debug messages.

Here also we have a link to the documentation for multipeer networking: