Is there an option for human occlusion only?

Description of the issue:
My ar scene contains large objects that could also be a bit far away like 10 - 20m so turning on the environment occlusion does less help because it easily occludes far away object.
So i was wondering since the major reason i need the occlusion is when one places their hand in front of the camera (cus my ar application makes use of hand tracking)
That’s why i’m asking if there is away to turn human occlusion only.
I thought this option would do the trick but it still occlude the Gameobject from the evironment

Hi Samuel,

Something you can try is looking at Occlusion Suppression via Semantic Segmentation. We have an article in our documentation about it: Alternatively, you could try adding the Lightship Occlusion Extension and set the OptimalOcclusionDepthMode to “Static.”

Kind regards,
Maverick L.