Lightship in Qatar

Can I use lightship to create AR experience in the Gcc region , if yes can I use a local cloud server.

Hi Imen,

Thank you for your interest in Lightship! While I’m not aware of any company restrictions on usage in any specific GCC country or Qatar, our Terms of Service ( does mention the following:

(b) you and any entity that owns, controls, or is otherwise affiliated with you (i) are not included on any of the restricted party lists maintained by any relevant government authority, (ii) are not a resident of, located in, or organized under the laws of, any country with which trade is prohibited by any relevant government authorities or sanctions, and (iii) will not do business with or provide goods or services, directly or indirectly, to anyone on the restricted party lists or to any country with which trade is prohibited by any applicable sanctions

As long as you abide by that term you will be in good shape! To answer your other question regarding the use of a local cloud server: You’re able to use a local cloud server for your project for most features in our development kit except VPS. VPS related localization requests must be completed via our servers.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.