I want to use Lightship Map to develop commercial games

Hi Lightship team!

I am a game developer in the Chinese Mainland. At present, maps can be used normally in the Unity editor and can also be loaded into map tile data normally. And it’s also normal to package and compile it on the phone.

We plan to use Lightship Map to develop commercial games, but it will not involve VPS and Coverage APIs. We would like to know if there will be any usage restrictions in the future.

Hi Oliver!

Thank you for your interest in Maps! I haven’t heard back from our legal team on specific usage restrictions regarding Maps in Mainland China, but wanted to inform you that the map data quality and accuracy for Mainland China might not be up to par for something commercial. I will update you here when I hear about specific usage restrictions.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

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Okay, let me know if there’s any new news. Thank you.

If I want to use VPS and Coverage APIs, will Lightship Team block Chinese IP addresses?