Mock mesh referenced in Meshing example doesn't exist

ARDK 1.0.1 and Examples 1.0.1
Unity 2020.3.1f
Mac (not M1)

Bug reproduction steps:
If you open the Meshing example scene and then enable the MockMeshes component- and then run in the editor (in Mock mode) - you’ll see a file not found exception after a few seconds.

If i try reimporting the ARDK examples I can see that it’s not there.


Hi Ross,

we kept those out because they’re binaries (a couple megabytes a piece) that we don’t want in our git repo. The mock mesh object at the moment is merely a placeholder. I recommend creating your own mock meshes with the MeshSaver scene.

It could be a good idea for us to provide some sample mock meshes for developers who don’t have immediate access to a mesh-capable device.

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