Movement of co-ordinates and deployment to phone

Hello, I’m working with the sample project provided in the Unity Lightship documentation, which is set in the US. I’d like to adapt it to work with coordinates in Malta. I’ve updated the default location coordinates in the Lightship Map Prefab to my desired location in Malta, but I’m not sure if there are additional steps I need to take for the map to correctly display this area. Also, I plan to test this on my phone. Could anyone provide guidance or tips on ensuring this works smoothly? I’m currently using the samples provided in the Lightship documentation.

Hi Michael,

Maps supplies the coordinates provided by your device to request map data from OpenStreetMap – meaning that the quality and accuracy of the maps you receive is based on data provided by OpenStreetMap. For testing, I would recommend using the IMapView#SetViewableArea(in LatLng, double) method ( to display a region you’re interested in and see how it looks. If something doesn’t look quite right, make sure to compare what you see in your app to what OpenStreetMap has available for that location as you might have forgot to include a feature builder.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.