Objects with Anchors move with camera movement

By using the Anchors without Plane example, I generated white cubes. The video shows that the white cubes under the red cube move along with the camera position and rotation. I changed only ARHitTestResultType.EstimatedHorizontalPlane to ARHitTestResultType.ExistingPlane, and I added an arplane manager to detect horizontal planes

Hi Ash,

To better help troubleshoot the issue, could you please provide the following information?

  • Unity+ARDK version you are using
  • Device type and OS version
  • Your host machine and OS version
  • Screenshot of your inspector and hierarchy window.
  • Did you refer to the information found on the Basic Placement Tutorial page of the Lightship Documentation? This discusses how to set up the Camera (ARSceneCamera).

Hi @Umaiya_Doddamani1
yes I have a problem with anchors without planes also I tested the basic placement sample but the issue still remains
ARDK 2.0 unity 2020.3.27f1
Android 12 A 52s Samsung

Hi Ash,

Thanks for your information.
The issue you are experiencing may be due to missing the ARCameraPositionHelper script.
Can you please confirm that you have added the ARCameraPositionHelper component to your ARSceneCamera, and then set Camera to your ARSceneCamera (Camera).
As requested earlier, any screenshots of your inspector and hierarchy window would be helpful while we look into the problem.

I have also been experiencing this issue as well. I have found that larger open spaces and more light help, but do not fully resolve this issue.

ARDK 2.0
Unity 2020.3.33f1
Android 12
Pixel 4

Hello @Darryl_Hughes, were you able to find a solution through the above troubleshooting? If not, please open a new topic on Discourse with your use case, expected results, and copy/paste of your console error messages to address your issue. Thank you.

He Umaiya
Here are the Screenshots you asked for

best regards

Hello Ash,

Thank you for the screenshots.
Looks like the issue is caused by missing the AR Hit Tester and the AR Cursor Renderer scripts in ARSceneCamera.

So to fix the issue, you will just want to add the Hit Tester and the AR Cursor Renderer scripts to your ARSceneCamera and then set Camera to your ARSceneCamera (Camera).
AR Hit Tester will place a new cube every time we click. So make sure to add the prefab which you want to use.
AR Curser Renderer will always put the assigned cursor object in the middle of the camera where it’s looking so it’ll follow around with the camera.

I have enclosed a screenshot for your reference.
You can also refer to the Basic Placement Tutorial.

Hopefully, this helps to get your issue resolved. Thanks!

Hi @Umaiya_Doddamani1 tnx for your response, Well I have scripts which handles the hittest automatically which is implemented based on the AR hit test, even with that specfic script I still have the mentionedt problem, maybe It couldbe a good Idea to make a package and send it to you for more examination

Looks like a couple things going on here. One is that the objects might not be placing where you think you are placing them. This can cause an illusion that they are moving with the camera because they are farther away than you think, actually beyond the physical barriers of the world. The second is that you are moving your phone too quickly. It will lose tracking if you whip your phone around to where it loses its understanding of the scene. Then it will stabilize as soon as it can see and understand the scene again.