Tracking drift with Image tracked anchors

Include the following details while filing a bug report (edit as applicable):

  • Issue category: Image Tracking
  • Device type & OS version: Any
  • Host machine & OS version: Any
  • Issue Environment : On Device

Bug reproduction steps:

Having serious issues with Image Tracking and Image anchors, whereby the further you move away from the tracked image anchor, the more it drifts from its tracked origin.

I can understand losing positional/rotational tracking once you move a certain distance away (image no longer detected), but I would not then expect the anchor to drift away and not be attached to the “Plane” it was detected on.

The following video demonstrates the issue
ImageTracking Demo SVID_20230209_165602_1.mp4

  • The first plane is placed by the Lightship image tracking manager
  • The second plane is placed from a screen tap on to the plane manager

All the code is the same as the samples provided by Niantic.

As you can see, the tap to place plane is very stable and stays in place as the device moves around, the Image Tracked anchor plane is completely unreliable more than a foot (60cm) away (the Vector3 distance from the image is shown in the top left)

Have not been able to find an easy way as yet to improve this.

Hello Mr. Simon Jackson,

This has been filed as a bug and will be addressed. I do not have a concrete timeline but it will be fixed in a future version of ARDK.

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Hello Mr. Simon Jackson,

I wanted to provide an update on this issue. So it appears that the drifting was a limitation on ARDK 2’s end and has since been addressed with the integration with AR Foundation in ARDK 3 which uses Unity’s image tracking. If you’re still interested in using ARDK I would recommend giving it a try to see if it suits your needs.