Planning my first Lightship project

I am planning on using Lightship for a Flooring company prototype because of issues I have faced in the past with AR and occlusion. I am interested to see if the segmentation and occlusion features will work when placing large floor tiles down. I would also need to automatically detect corners and know if my object is going to fit within the available space. So, for example, if there’s a 2x2m tile and I tap on the space between an existing virtual tile and the real wall (but still tapping on the floor), can I detect the space between my touch and where the wall meets the floor?

Any advice would be marvellous!

Thank you.

Hi Lee!

I haven’t tried anything quite as precise as tiling a floor but I think that would be generally possible. The one thing I’m not sure about is how precisely it’ll track where the wall starts and the floor ends (often with meshing it detects a rough area that is like having a really large sheet placed over the whole room, so the edges tend to be sort of curved a bit?)

The Gameboard feature’s documentation has an image which shows what I mean: Niantic AR Development Kit (ARDK): Advanced Tutorial: Gameboard

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Thanks Patrick. I am hoping the segmentation will tell me where the walls are. :+1:

I use to be in the flooring business and wanting to do just that. Your idea makes a lot of sense as the segmentation occlusion will filter out the tiles.

do share if u have made any progress!

Hi Lee,

Actually, very recently I worked on a similar demo for floor tiling. The idea was to detect the floor and augment the PBRtiles automatically. As @Patrick_Catanzariti said, the edge detection was not seamless but worked. The edges were jittery and not as good-looking as we want them to be. So I used anchors to place user-defined placemarks on the floor and then augment that portion, as it provided better stability and look and feel to the overall project.

Regarding your question, yes you would be able to detect the space between your touch and the wall. It would be an R&D part but yes with some effort and brainstorming you would be able to achieve what you want to achieve. All the things that you need to make it work is provided in Lightship- like Wall segmentation, floor detection, and runtime- mesh creation.

If you want to see how it worked lemme know, I would be happy to share with you my demo videos or the demo itself :slight_smile: