Scanned object is blurry with Scanner framework

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  • Issue category: Scanning Framework
  • Device type & OS version: Android / iOS / Other Ex. iPhone 8+ on iOS 13
  • Host machine & OS version: Mac / Windows / Linux / Other Ex. Mac on Big Sur x.x
  • Issue Environment : Unity Remote / Unity Mock / On Device / Dev Portal
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  • Unity version: Unity 2022

Description of the issue: Hello, I was trying out the new Scanning Framework powered by the Scaniverse technology. However even with very high texture and mesh quality setting and in detail mode I don’t get sharp enough output. I am facing two issues.

  1. The camera feed looks blurry when I am scanning in my app. The Scaniverse app’s scanning seems so clear.

  2. The output model is way much better in Scaniverse than mine. Even with the max setting, my results are not anything close enough to Scaniverse.

Also I think the scanning is way faster with scaniverse.

My idea is that because both these apps use the same tech underneath, the output should be same or closer. Can anyone explain me what am I missing here? And how can I achieve results like Scaniverse?

First row is my app vs second row is scaniverse.

Hello Shubhra,

Can you try turning on auto-focus on the ARScanManager in the inspector? That should prevent your camera view from looking blurry and also increase the scan quality. With that and everything on the scan turned to the highest settings, the quality should be on par with Scaniverse. Please test this out and let me know if your scans are still blurry.


Sorry for the late reply Jesus. I did not get any notification…

I am now getting good results for bigger scans, i.e., room or furniture. But for smaller objects, like shoes, the scan is still a bit blurry. I tried the auto focus, but not that significant change to be honest

Hi @Shubhra_Prakash_Sark thanks for your patience. I will continue to look into this.

If you’re using your regular camera app and point it at these small objects the same way you do when attempting a scan is the image focused or also blurry? This is to rule out the issue being the camera; make sure you’re not tapping on the screen to trigger an auto focus, just let the camera try to auto focus on its own. Can you also let me know the approximate distance between the camera and these smaller objects?

Hi Jesus,
Thanks very much for your reply. I have tried the instructions you provided, and here are the results. The first picture is taken from camera app, second one using scaniverse and 3rd one from my app. Distance from camera is approximately 30-35cm.

Hi @Jesus_Hernandez , is there any update on this?


I’m sorry for the delay, for some reason I didn’t get notified about your update.

Ok so I would also like to take a look at your ARSessionManager and ScanningManager if you can provide screenshots. Can you also share with me what model this iPhone you’re using is? It appears that the minimum distance between the camera and subject varies between models

Additionally, can you also provide screenshots of the finished product after a scan like you did the first time?

Lastly, for improved visualization quality, you may need to also implement a camera passthrough instead of the default raycasting that’s used. To do that you would need to go to the ScanningStripes.shader file (or if the RaycastScanVisualizer is set to use a different shader then use the one that it’s using) and have the raw camera texture from Unity’s renderer get passed to the _MainTex property of the shader.

Hi @Jesus_Hernandez thanks a lot for your reply. I am attaching the screenshot for ARSessionManager and Scanning Manager. I am also providing the source code for the project, incase you want to take a look. Shubhra22/Scanify (

Scanning results:

I understand you might be busy with work, I really appreciate you making some time to answer these questions. Thank you

Looking at the AR Session Manager, I see that the Auto Focus isn’t enabled. Did you disable it since the last time I recommended turning it on? Since a clear picture is desired, the Is Auto Focus Enabled box should be checked

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Hello Jesus, thanks a lot. I was managed to do the pass through and also switched the autofocus. The results are pretty good. One last question and I will be done :crossed_fingers:t2:as you see in the picture I can’t scan the bottom of the object, any tips on how to achieve it? Note, I deleted the ground object after scan was completed.

Was the shoe on the floor when you scanned it? There wouldn’t be a way of getting the sole of the shoe if it’s not in view of the camera since it can’t scan something it can’t see.