Scanning framework in latest ARDK version

I wanted to bring up a request that I believe could greatly benefit our AR development experiences—specifically in Unity Engine. The addition of a Scanning framework “object scanning” in your latest ARDK version.
Achieve Scanning “object scanning” in Unity Engine.

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Hello Ashish,

The Scanning Framework is not currently on our near-term roadmap for ARDK 3.0, but I have passed along your interest in this feature to the team. Thank you for your feedback!

I hope the crashes are gonna get fixed!!! I am not sure why it suddenly started crashing so frequent, it was working perfectly before. Crashes are random as well, so I am completely unsure about the reason.

Crash 1:


Crash 2:

folly::threadlocal_detail::StaticMeta<void, void>::onForkChild()

If there is any workaround with this please let know

Hello @Shubhra,

What device and OS are you using? If you’re on iOS 17.2, we’re looking into a bug that causes scanning to crash, and I can update you here when I have an update.
If you’re using a different iOS, could you please start a new topic with more details (device type, iOS, when the issue started, etc.) so that we may look into it further?

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Why you guys are so amazing?? Too cheesy? Ok I will stop

Four crashes so far: In last week:
67% is on iOS 17.2
33% is on iOS 17.1

All of them iPhone 14 or above.

Hello @Shubhra,
For the crashes in iOS 17.2, we are still investigating a solution.

For the crashes on iOS 17.1, could you please open a new topic so that we may keep things better organized? In your new post, please include what ARDK features you’re using, what version of ARDK you’re on, and at what point the crash is occurring. Thank you!

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