Scanning framework in latest ARDK version

I wanted to bring up a request that I believe could greatly benefit our AR development experiences—specifically in Unity Engine. The addition of a Scanning framework “object scanning” in your latest ARDK version.
Achieve Scanning “object scanning” in Unity Engine.

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Hello Ashish,

The Scanning Framework is not currently on our near-term roadmap for ARDK 3.0, but I have passed along your interest in this feature to the team. Thank you for your feedback!

I hope the crashes are gonna get fixed!!! I am not sure why it suddenly started crashing so frequent, it was working perfectly before. Crashes are random as well, so I am completely unsure about the reason.

Crash 1:


Crash 2:

folly::threadlocal_detail::StaticMeta<void, void>::onForkChild()

If there is any workaround with this please let know

Hello @Shubhra,

What device and OS are you using? If you’re on iOS 17.2, we’re looking into a bug that causes scanning to crash, and I can update you here when I have an update.
If you’re using a different iOS, could you please start a new topic with more details (device type, iOS, when the issue started, etc.) so that we may look into it further?

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Why you guys are so amazing?? Too cheesy? Ok I will stop

Four crashes so far: In last week:
67% is on iOS 17.2
33% is on iOS 17.1

All of them iPhone 14 or above.