The meshing feature generates a Mesh as blocks, not like a 3D plane?

Hello All, I am working on a Car Racing game using the Lightship ARDK. In this, I have used plane detection to place a car on the surface. I have also used a Meshing feature to generate a Mesh on the surface. The Mesh gets generated on the surface but it is not generating like a 3D plane (I.e It is generating as a blocks) due to this the car was not moving forward and it was stuck at generated block mesh.

Also the generated mesh hiding the placed object on the surface. I have used the Wheel Colliders concept to move a car.

Please check the below videos:

Can anyone please help me how can I generate a Mesh as a 3D plane and how to solve the generated mesh hiding the object issue?

Thank you.

You don’t. The thing about meshing is is that it can catch more detailed meshing. If you want flat surfaces use plane detection.
Otherwise rewrite the car code to just follow along any mesh