Use a specific map ID for Wayspot/VPS localization

In the VPS beta we could request a specific map ID attempt to localize. However in the Wayspot code/docs I cannot find a similar function.

  1. Is there a way to request localization with 1 specific map ID (for example one of my private wayfarer scan IDs)
  2. I see we can get the wayspot anchor ID but is there a way to get a map/location ID of a wayspot?

If there is a solution and I missed it could someone point me to the documents/code.

Basically the wayspots seem great for user generated AR. However I feel pre-authoring AR content is pretty important so we need a way to control which maps get relocated so we can predict the position/rotation (the “zero”) of the VPS map. I hope it makes sense.

Also Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Localization being depreciated is not mentioned in the 2.0 release notes? Are the missing elements in the Localization example folder and gone for good or being reworked?

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Hi Matthew, we are looking into your issue. We will get back to you soon.

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Hi Matthew, there have been many changes to VPS from beta to production, mapID and Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Localization changed in this transition. MapIDs offered limited functionality and we had to move away from them.

Currently, we’re using Wayspot Anchors, the expected flow is below:

  1. Go to a VPS activated Wayspot (guided by the VPS Coverage API)
  2. Start VPS localization (no map specified, VPS will attempt to localize device with any maps in vicinity).
  3. Create and/or resolve WayspotAnchors. These are what you should be “anchoring” your experiences around (ie link game content to a WayspotAnchor instead of to a map identifier).

Also, take a look at our Using Wayspot Anchors documentation for more information.

To learn more about what’s coming in future releases, please see our Lightship ARDK Roadmap.

Saved wayspot anchors will load regardless of which wayspot you localize to. You can localize to an unexpected wayspot and your anchors will still load. How can I verify which wayspot I have localized to?