ARDK Documentation Typo: Basic Semantics Tutorial: class name / script name contradiction (between video tutorial and written documentation)

Issue category: Semantic Segmentation / ARDK Documentation
Device type & OS version: NA
Host machine & OS version: NA
Issue Environment : NA
Xcode version: NA
ARDK version: v1.2.0
Unity version: 2020.3.21f1

Contradiction in ARDK Documentation:
Just a heads up that in the video version of the ‘Basic Semantics Tutorial’ the C# script name / class name is ‘Semantics’, whereas in the document version (the code pasted on the website) it is ‘QuerySemantics’.

So, if one simply copies and pastes the code from the site (which of course isn’t good practice, but sometimes we do it) after otherwise following the steps on the video, they will get a “Can’t add script” error in Unity.
To clear up this error, they can go into the C# script and change:

public class QuerySemantics : MonoBehaviour -----> public class Semantics : MonoBehaviour

Alternatively, they can change the script name from ‘Semantics’ to ‘QuerySemantics’.
Either way, the script name and class name must match.

A possible suggestion: edit the documentation on the website so that the information from the video and the written documentation match. That way, it will be easier for learners to toggle back and forth between the video tutorial and written documentation.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for pointing that out to us. We are in the process of editing the documentation to match the video so as to prevent any future issues.

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Awesome, Stacy! That would be fantastic, as it seems it is not specific only to the ‘Basic Semantics Tutorial’, but is a re-occurring trend across the tutorial series (e.g. ‘Basic Occlusions’ tutorial’, ‘Depth Textures Tutorial’, etc.). I’m sure you already have the list of ones to fix though. It’s nothing urgent, but might be nice. :slight_smile: