ARDK Version 2.0 is Here

We are excited to announce that we have released ARDK v2.0.0, now available for download on! Version 2.0.0 brings in the highly anticipated Virtual Positioning System (VPS). Lightship VPS lets you synchronize your device with real-world locations by locating and understanding real-world VPS Wayspots. Wayspots by means of a “spatial bookmark” or Wayspot Anchor, can then be used to create shared and/or persistent AR content that users can interact with. See Lightship VPS in the User Manual for more information.

Other exciting changes:

  • Support for User ID field and Client ID field to help support you in the implementation of data privacy best practices and monitoring of usage patterns of features among your users.
  • New class for handling device permission requests. Provides both async and callback methods for getting the result when the permission request executes.
  • Both old and new Unity input systems will now be compatible and organize the input files accordingly. The mock camera will now support both Unity input systems.

Make sure to check out the ARDK 2.0.0 Release Notes for more information on what’s new, known issues, breaking changes, upgrade guidance, etc.