Can we use lightship with mixed framework?

hey i wonder if i can use lightship with my actual project , where i run arfoundation with arkit and arcore , can be some problems if i integrated more than one framework to my project ? the reason is cuz i want to have the features of lightship in my already scenes where i use arfoundation features.

Hello Sergio,

Thank you for posting on our community forums.

We would not recommend using other AR frameworks within ARDK. We have had issues with users trying to use ARCore XR plugins in the past and, at the moment, we are not sure about any specific conflicts with ARFoundations or ARKit but these would be issues that the user would likely have to address.

We are always happy to take a look at any issues you come across when mixing AR development kits but cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully resolve an issue. Please be sure to create a new topic for any issue you may run into.