Do you typically use AR Foundation for your Unity AR projects?

Quick poll- any commentary in thread totally appreciated as well. Niantic is evaluating opportunities for better integration with Unity. Your feedback is important as we prioritize our Unity roadmap-- Question:

Do you typically use AR Foundation for your Unity AR projects? React to this message with: :white_check_mark: Yes/Most of the time, :thinking: Sometimes, :x: No/Rarely

[Note: I’d like to understand what would be your typical route for building AR apps/experiences so assume for this question ARDK didn’t exist.]

Bonus question if you have thoughts here: Is lack of ARDK integration with Unity AR Foundation an impediment to your using the ARDK? Why or why not?

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cc: @Angeline_G @Diaz_Gwenn @KAHLIL_CALAVAS @Zopyre @Andrew_Ted_Tedford @cpeter_waysun @Arnaud_Paris as you have mentioned using AR Foundation in a previous post

:white_check_mark: all the time

Since we’re developing mobile AR applications, mostly in the form of product visualizations for clients, we use ARFoundation in all of those apps, basically. Along with XRInteractionToolkit more recently.

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:white_check_mark: Yes, it’s almost my go-to choice until I found ARDK, I am testing it right now but for sure an ARDK integration into AR Foundation would be huge.

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:white_check_mark: yep, it’s pretty much our standard tool when doing AR for iOS/Android in Unity.

We’ve used Vuforia and Wikitude in the past, but device coverage with ARKit and ARCore in our main market (the Netherlands) is good enough nowadays that we do just fine for most AR features with just AR Foundation instead of third party frameworks (with paid licenses).

PS: Many of the things we would do with ARDK, we can do with AR Foundation as well, so because of the overlap, ARDK with its current feature set often isn’t needed for us in addition or as replacement to AR Foundation. However, I sincerely hope that changes soon as world mapping is added to ARDK giving it a significant distinguishing feature.

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