ARCore extensions support

ARDK version: 3 (release 3)
Platform: Android
Unity version: 2021.3.6

We are trying to run an example project that has ARFoundation with Lightship that also supports ARCore extensions so we can run Geospatial API.

When trying to set up an ARCore supported scene i’m not allowed to select multiple options in the XR plug-in management, this means there is no active ARCoreSessionSubsystem in the session and it’s not able to initialize.

My question here would be: is there any way to enable ARCoreExtensions in combination with Lighsthip?

I would also like to know

Hi Merijn,

When selecting Lightship under the Android tab of the plugin management you’re also telling Unity that you’re going to be using ARCore (you will also see that ARCore is installed as a dependency if you look at Lightship under the Package Manager) so the ARCoreSessionSubsystem should already be available. Are you running into any issues when using Lightship alone?

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Hi. This configuration works for Cloud Anchors. I did’t test Geospatial yet, but I think it should work too:

Wow thanks so much for the in-depth reply, really appreciated!

A misconception i had was that Lightship 3.0 didn’t work with the ARSessionOrigin component but i see now that it’s inherited from XROrigin so still compatible.

Thanks again @Chankeiro, i’ll let you know how i get on!

Yes, I still use AR Session Origin. The editor throws a deprecation exception but it works for now:

You are welcome @Merijn_Kersten. Hope it helps.

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Hi @Chankeiro !

Just wanted to give you an update on the progress i’ve been having after you helped me get started.

I have Geospatial and VPS running simultaneously now even on iPad!
The most obvious use-case that i implemented was pointing towards a VPS location so a player knows more accurately what to scan but there’s lot’s of ideas to play around with.

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