Exclude mesh from Depth Occlusion

It would be great to exclude meshes from the depth occlusion.
Right now I have a custom shader/material to render shadows on top of the meshing-generated mesh, but the shaders look very buggy since they are partially occluded at all times. If this mesh could be excluded I could render nice shadows on top of the ‘real’ world mesh!

Code: GitHub - dilmerv/ARFoundationOcclusion at feature/URPOcclusion

Hey Dylan,

Thank you for the suggestion. It has been passed to our internal teams for review.

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Did u manage to get that shader from @dilmer working? I have an AR project using ark but the shader of Dilmer doesn’t work it seems at least for me…

in urp settings disable cascades and soft shadows.
And I indeed did

Is there any update in being able to exclude a specific mesh from depth occlusion?

Nothing yet sadly