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Today I went out and scanned a few spots in my local park. I’ve just realised that they don’t show up in the geospatial browser. Is this because I’ve scanned directly into different wayspots instead of being “Test Scans”? Is there a way for me to access these meshes or do I have to go back and rescan them as Test Scans instead?

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Hello Hariras,

Individual Public scans will not appear in the Geospatial Browser. You should see the number of scans change in the Wayfarer app once you successfully upload them, but they will not be reflected in the meshes until you activate/re-activate the wayspot (although it’s not a 1:1 relationship of scans to meshes). More information regarding how meshes are created can be found in our 8th Wall VPS FAQ.
Choosing a wayspot and scanning it directly as you mentioned is the best method to upload a Public scan as it ensures it gets properly assigned. You can create a Test scan if you do not select a wayspot and make sure you select ‘Test’ in the Scan Type screen, but please note that Test Scans are intended only for development and testing purposes.

Understood, Thank you for clearing that up!

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