Is there a way to load in a list of GPS coordinates to place objects?

I have an external system that can place objects based on GPS coordinates only (No VPS). I’d like to load them into a VPS-enabled area. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hi Vance,

Is there a particular reason why you want to use your system over VPS? Do you plan on also spawning objects that are not on VPS locations? I don’t see an issue with your system spawning objects based off of coordinates especially if VPS is not in use.

The only thing you have to take note of is that ARDK isn’t meant to work alongside other packages/ systems at the moment and we don’t provide support for issues that arise between merging of different packages with ARDK. Your mileage may vary on how well you’re able to bridge both ARDK and any external package, and it’s possible that some packages won’t be compatible at all.

It’s not really a package issue. I just want to know if, say , we load in an object only defined by GPS coordinates (say, from an API), if it could accurately be placed within a VPS location.

Hi Vance,

Are you attempting to leverage VPS enabled Wayspots without the actual need of VPS?

If that’s the case, that can technically be done since this other system is responsible for accurately placing your 3D objects into the world, ARDK would only be rendering them and handling the AR itself. The only issue I see is that without using VPS, your content won’t be able to remain persistent in between sessions and objects might be drifting around without the use of Wayspot Anchors. You would have to find workarounds for that.

If I am misunderstanding anything, would you mind giving a quick walkthrough of what you would expect to achieve using GPS coordinates to place your desired content/ how the project you’re building is intended to be used?

I can’t really describe it without revealing it. As long as they are fixed during a session with the help of a VPS enabled scene, it is fine if objects drift between sessions. Thank you!