My app doesn't work when deployed! What do I do?

Sometimes when starting a new project or updating the Lightship ARDK package, you might only encounter issues when your app is deployed to a device. Issues such as no camera feed (a black screen) or crashing immediately when the app is opened can be mind-boggling especially if you aren’t experiencing any issues when running your app in Unity, but don’t fret!

Solution 1: Check platform settings and development environment

It’s extremely important to install all the required components and configure your AR app properly for each platform you intend to target.

Make sure your development environment and testing device is capable of running augmented reality content!

Lightship 3.x+

  1. Ensure you have the required plugins for your targeted platform(s) and your project setup satisfies the requirements outlined by Unity.
  2. Ensure your player settings match our recommendations for each mobile platform.

Lightship 2.x and below

  1. Ensure your player settings match our recommendations.

Solution 2: Check build settings


It’s easy to overlook the tiny “Scenes in Build” section in Build Settings and forget to select the tiny checkbox next to the scene(s) you want included in your build. Make sure you double check your build settings to ensure you’ve selected the scene you’re expecting to see when you run your app and the platform of the device you’re targeting for your test!

yeti Yeti Tip!: Enable “Development Build” in Build Settings and keep your device connected while troubleshooting to see runtime errors as they occur!

Solution 3: Check app permissions on target device

Depending on the device and your security settings, your app might be lacking location, microphone, or camera permissions. Take a moment to go to the settings on your target device and make sure your app is allowed to use your location, camera, and microphone (if applicable).

Solution 4: Check IDE for output while your app is running

Run your app from your IDE while your device is still connected and check for errors in the output section. Errors are highlighted in red and will more often than not point to the issue in question. We understand a lot of errors aren’t user friendly, so feel free to copy all of the red text and paste it into your favorite search engine to find articles with possible solutions. Please note that warnings – denoted in yellow text – should not impact your ability to build and deploy your app, and should be excluded from logs you submit for assistance.

None of these solved my problem!

Please reach out to us at and provide us with any error messages you’re facing, the version of Unity and the ARDK, the platform and device, device operating system version, and a short description of the issue you’re encountering.

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