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Hi Guys, im still using ardk 2.5.2 because the scanning feature is so great, but when i read source of IScanner, i see it have a struct named ScanProcessedArgs, and in that struct have a property named Center, its for “The position of the center of the mesh in world coordinates.” but what world? world in unity or real life world, and how to calculate it, this is the link of that: struct ScanProcessedArgs (Niantic.ARDK.AR.Scanning.IScanner.ScanProcessedArgs) — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.5.2 documentation

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To clarify, by “world in unity” are you referring to the AR session that’s running in the app you built using Unity or are you referring to like the Unity editor when you’re building out your project?

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Hi, thanks for reply

My “World in unity” is ar session in my app, but my question mean “What is center and what world it coordinates? and how to calculate center” xD

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I’m going to have to double check but I believe the center of the scan should just be its center relative to itself not necessarily the scanned world or the Unity since it can technically be exported to a different file format that the user desires

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Thanks for reply

is “relative to itself” mean property center is the center position of the mesh we scanned? But when i use and see there 2 are not the same.

OK, so I got an answer for this. I apologize for the confusion I was originally mistaken. So the Center is the center of the scan relative to where the AR Session started and it’s only valid in the scene where the scanning is taking place. If the scan is moved to another scene, that center wouldn’t really help with anything since it’s specifically relative to the scene where the scan took place

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Thank you, i got it, but have a bit confuse about “the scan is moved to another scene”, what this mean? can you explain it clearly. Thanks

What I mean by that is that the Center of the scan is only valid in the Unity scene where the scanning is taking place because the center is relative to that scene. If you were to use this scan in a different Unity scene, that Center would not be accurate

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