Questions about ADRK

quick question, our test device is not compatible with google play service for AR. will that be the same issue for the ADRK?

related to: Error message when building

which is fixed they were colliding.

What exactly error do you get?

Just that it needs to update and then when I go to updated it says this devices incompatible. I’m just wondering if the ADRK will need the same application in it to run on our test device.

What device? What android version?
Did you follow the ‘building for android’ section in the docs?

I haven’t done anything with the ADRK yet I am just wondering does lightship use the Google play AR services at all? Just because I want to know if it will work on the test device or if we need to get a new test device

If you want to know if you can build to android don’t include ardk. If you include ardk, do as I recommend and follow the building for android guide in the ardk guides.
Ardk needs AR services for, well, the AR portion.

Ardk doesn’t need the absolute latest version (although it can speed up some parts), but phones on a recent android version need a change in the androidmanifest, which is in the guide

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