Shared AR as Peer in Editor

Is there anyway to run mock shared AR in editor as Peer and not a Host? Since you are always the first one starting the session in editor your always set as the Host, but it would be super time saving to test things joining as Peer in editor instead of building to two devices all the time.

Is there maybe a way to do it with the added fake Peers with the Multiplayer Play Configuration?

Hello Scott,

Yes, you can run mock shared AR in editor as Peer instead of Host.
Once in Play Mode, in the Mock tab of the Virtual Studio window, you can click “Join” to connect a mock player to a networking session, using the session identifier specified in the window. When joining the local player, make sure to use the same session identifier that the mock player(s) used.

Additionally, if you look at the ExamplePlayController.cs script in ARDK-Examples, in the PlaythroughConnects method you can see how to script the connection of both the local (real) and remote (mock) players. To connect the local as a peer instead of host, you can just move lines 93-102 to the end of the method.

Please see the screenshot below for reference.

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