Impact of Seasonal Changes on VPS

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Description of the issue:
I live in the polar zone and I am interested in the question of how the VPS will work in different weather conditions, especially when there is a lot of snow.

I looked for information on the forum, but did not find an answer.

If you have such experience, please share.

Hi Egor,

We often tell developers to avoid taking scans with heavy snow or rainfall present, but in circumstances such as yours that isn’t possible or realistic. In general, we know that more scans are better. If you can take scans with snow, without snow, varying snow levels, etc. that will help our algorithm understand that it’s looking at something it should be tracking. On the other hand, depending on what you anticipate doing for your project, you might be able to use another feature in Lightship to achieve what you want.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

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Thank you, Maverick!

What feature do you mean? I need location-based positioning of 3D objects (for a AR-quest game)

For 3D objects, we do have Object Detection available in the latest release: Other than that, image tracking with anchors might work as a substitute for what you need to do.

I hope these suggestions are giving you a good idea of the tools available to make your project a reality!

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