VPS: my uploaded scans never appear? +private waypoints for an app?

Using the Wayfarer app, I scanned and uploaded a couple of wayspots, but the spots never get “VPS Activated”, they remain VPS not activated. I did this a month ago or so. In Oslo, Norway.

Why don’t they get activated? This makes it less interesting to help map a place.

Also I don’t really understand the limitations and want to suggest that private VPS activated waypoints can be used for a developer’s production app, not just for development purposes.

Hello Jelmer,

Can you please confirm if the scan you uploaded were public or private?
If those are private then can you please send us your developer ID for the Lightship account and private scan mesh IDs?

If those are public then usually, five or six complete scanning processes with the Wayfarer app (with each process completing a sequence of five one-minute scans) can often generate enough good data to activate a wayspot for VPS experiences. However, the more scans for a wayspot, the better. In order for a non-VPS-activated wayspot to become VPS-activated, scans containing a variety of lighting conditions, weather circumstances, and times of day are required to create a strong presentation of the wayspot for reliable localization. Because of this, sometimes additional scans with a higher variety of conditions may be required before VPS-activation occurs.
Please refer to the Nominating New Wayspots section in the Generating Scans for VPS details.

This feature is quite new and we are working on improvements to the Wayfarer app that will streamline the nomination, scanning, and activation of new wayspots. The user will receive a notification when their wayspot is approved or denied.

You can watch the Announcements section on Discord.com for more information as it becomes available.

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