Personal VPS server?

Hi, I love so much the possibility to use VPS, but I live in Italy, and your map is completely empty in Italy! So, is it possible to add videos or images to your map? Or, better, to have a personal server with my own VPS that I can fill and use in my personal apps?


I believe you are supposed to generate a private VPS so you can test locally. I was able to create private VPS , but I can’t localize against it.
I’m using the WayspotAnchors example , but keep getting “Session Initialized Failed”.
Hope to resolve it soon.

Hi Massimo!

If you’d like to help contribute to expanding VPS coverage, then you can scan existing wayspots that are not already VPS activated using the Wayfarer app! Once enough scans are uploaded for a wayspot, we’ll ensure it can be added to the VPS network before activating the wayspot for VPS experiences.

First, open the Wayfarer app and locate a wayspot that is not already activated for VPS. Then, tap the Scan button and proceed to scan the target location.

By default, the scans will save to your device, and you can choose to upload the scans once you’ve returned to a wi-fi connection. Be aware that you should upload the scans over a stable network connection without closing the app or allowing the device to sleep, in order to avoid upload errors.

More detailed information about contributing wayspot scans can be found in the Lightship documentation here.

Also, you can also nominate entirely new wayspots in your area if they meet certain eligibility criteria. More information about nominating new wayspots can be found in the Lightship documentation here.

Finally, you can create private VPS locations with the Wayfarer app in order to test your VPS experiences in a development setting. More information on creating private scans can be found in the Lightship documentation here.

Hope this information helps, Massimo – and happy scanning!