Wayfarer app broken

When you try to log-in, after the circle of death, you just get a ‘Failed to log in, try again.’ message.

iPhone 14 on iOS 17.1.2
Can’t log-in to get the version number.

Bug reproduction steps: Try to log-in!

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for your report!
Did you install the Wayfarer app on your iPhone through TestFlight? Could you please check TestFlight for your current version number and update it if it’s available?
I’m using the latest version (3.1.2) on iPhone and was able to log in with no trouble, so please let me know if you’re able to update and whether or not that solves the issue.

That fixed it. It had the Upgrade option. Then it worked.

Now that Operation Chronos is over in Ingress, it would be nice if the Activate Wayspot button actually worked!!

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