Wayfarer App no longer available

Include the following details while filing a bug report (edit as applicable):

  • Issue category: Lightship Maps / Real-time Mapping-Depth / ARDK Virtual Studio Tools / Developer Tools/ VPS
  • Device type & OS version: iOS (iPhone 14Pro iOS 16.5
  • Xcode version: n/a
  • ARDK version: n/a
  • Unity version: n/a

Wayfarer app no longer available for scanning. When I click on app store, the app store notification says app no longer available. Please advise.

Hi Peter, Wayfarer is still in beta

Hi Peter, sorry for the partial reply. The wayfarer app is still intended for beta use. To download for Apple you can use the Testflight app by following the instructions here. For android you can still download it through the Play Store. I checked this morning and it’s available now. I hope this helps and apologize again for hitting send on the last one


Hi Bill,

All set. Thank you!

where do we get the invite to activate the beta on testflight?

Hi Nino, no need for an invitation. You can install it with the public link by following the steps here Let me know if you run into any trouble.