Wayfarer app not working on Zenfone 10

It’s a Snapdragon 8 gen.2 device, using ARMv9 architecture

works just fine on old Zenfone 8

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Did you follow the guide for the new android versions?

I didn’t, can you point me to it? though my old phone is on the same version of Android (13) and works just fine so I’m more inclined to put the architecture difference at fault

I just saw it’s about wayfarer, not an ardk app.
Did you install ARCore services?

it seems it isn’t available yet for my device, if it’s required to run ar all that would partially explain it

I was able to sideload the latest version of AR services and it works now, thank you

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Hi Zakius, Wayfarer and ARDK both use ARCore. I’d expect it to catch up to the new Androids very soon so watch Unity’s updates for news