Wayfarer App or Automation of VPS activation

Ingress is currently running an event whereby wayspots with enough quality scans need wayspot VPS activation.
Currently this can only be done via the Wayfarer app

As the wayfarer app appears to be stable, please open the app to Ingress and Pokémon Go player accounts.


Putting in place automation of VPS activation. With Lightship callbacks to enable games to see how many quality scans are needed

As the Ingress event is only till 1st week of January 2024, the former option should be the quickest option to apply.

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It’s totally broken, hardly ever stable!! Right now tor example, you can’t even activate wayfarers!!

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It is stable for me.
The he activate wayspot appears to be a problem on the lightship VPS server side

Some days it works, others it doesn’t, likely the server is being hammered with requests for wayspot VPS activation

We need the “Active” function stable first …

That is not on the app, I believe it is on the Lightship VPS server

The app itself is stable

Is there any news with regards to VPS wayspot activations?
All seem to have been halted.

Is there a automated process coming?

Niantic is now simply showing their complete incompetence. The Ingress event has been over for over a week and they still can’t get it working!! It’s pure luck 100% when you click to activate. I’ve managed to get one wayfarer activated this week.

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It looks like it’s back on, with the cap of 10 Wayfarers being activated.

For myself, no activation requests have actually gone through over the past week.

I still maintain the opinion that the activation process should be automated.

We just need clarity from the Lightship Dev team on what the story is. And to pass the baton to the Wayfarer team whose responsibility is to manage the wayspot database, which includes VPS too

Niantic has implemented a rate limit to the number of on-demand activations that their system processes. Please note that this rate limit will only impact VPS activations or re-activations of POIs in both the Geospatial Browser and the Wayfarer App. Once that limit has been reached, you will see an error when attempting to activate a location. If this happens, please try activating again at a different time.

For additional questions regarding portals or other Ingress topics, please reach out to Ingress Support for assistance. Thank you.

The wayfarer app is no longer able to send activation requests.
Have been using the Geospatial browser, but that is ridiculously slow and not user friendly.

I will again request that the activation process be automated

Only had ONE VPS activation request in over 3 weeks now, and that was through the Geospatial browser, there are issues with the Geospatial browser and the VPS activation process, the rest are able to be VPS activated but do not go through to the activation queue.