VPS activation stuck since more than a week


I have requested this POI activation more than a week ago and it is stuck in Processing state. On the map screen, when I choose it, it says: VPS: Activated Experimental ; but when I check the details, it says it is Processing even though it was the first attempt to activate it.

This POI has a nearly perfect quality mesh with a 360 degree mapping of this particular sculpture.

Hello pawelki,

Could you please explain to us what your use-case will be for this wayspot? If you could please provide a few details regarding the project you will be using this wayspot for, it will help us determine the best way to assist. Thank you!

Ingress is having a limited time event requiring the processing and activation of wayspots. The wayfarer team do not want to take responsibility, nor does ingress. As VPS is an essential part of the wayspot system, and Ingress being the first game to utilize it, we request to look into the issues ASAP blocking ingress players from activating VPS wayspots


Can you PLEASE fix the problem EVERYONE is having of not being able to activate wayfarers !

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I’m having the exact same problem on this waypoint:

It’s been now 2 weeks since the activation was requested.
I tried adding a couple of scan, but I cannot trigger a re-activation as long as it’s in “VPS processing” status.

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So basically ingress team made an in game event that kinda makes people to activate those waypoints through this site and there’s no good alternative

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Hi @Stacy_Clifton

I am a volunteer at Niantic. I am participating in a project which goal is to contribute to the development and expansion of the Niantic real-world map, helping to directly shape adventures across all Niantic games. My duties as a volounteer include growing the global coverage of VPS-activated Wayspots by performing and uploading high quality 360 degree 3D Wayspot AR data to Niantic Lightship ensuring the final mesh is of top-grade so that VPS activation process might be smoothly completed.
At Niantic I am particularly involved in a project called Ingress in the process of scanning and activating a feature lately introduced into the game called Overclock - which requires Wayspots to be VPS activated.
I’m looking forward to your help in solving issues with VPS activations as I am sure that Lightship strategic goals are the same across all Niantic companies - growing the fundamental value of its AR map of the world.

Thank you.


Hi, that is nice to know, but the lightship tool does not work… scans are possible (with in lighship and ingress) but the activation ist not working