What does end of support mean for 2.5?

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Dear Niantic team,
If “Support will end” on April 1st 2024 for ARDK 2.5, does it mean the scanning framework made with ARDK 2.5 wont be able to run on any device after this date? My understanding is that scanning (Not for VPS) is done and processed locally on the device, unless its uploaded using your framework.

On another note, the scanning framework in 3.0 has a lot of changes, such that you can’t process the scan to Unity GameObject, but you instead have to save the scan (locally or remote?) immediately when stopping the scanning process. I might be incorrect about this, so please correct me!


Hi Arvid,

After ARDK 2.5 is sunset some features will continue to work, including Scanning Framework, so users are free to continue using 2.5 if they’d like. The only thing to note is that after April 1st, we will no longer provide users with support/ assistance for issues they run into in 2.5, we will be focusing solely on ARDK 3.

Also, regarding your comment on Scanning Framework for ARDK 3, may I know what you’re using to scan? Scanning Framework wasn’t included in ARDK 3 it’s only in 2.5. I think you might be using a different feature.

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