Any idea the amount of processing time for a VPS - we have a few that have been in processing mode for about a day

Looking on Niantic Lightship Dashboard, our VPS scans have been in processing mode. I realize after the summit, there may be a lot - any relative estimate on how long these will take to be processed?

In my case it took like two days and a half for my first and only scan so far

Hello Charles,

Niantic is out until Tuesday. Your scans will be available as soon as processing is finished. Your patience is appreciated as we do not have a timeline on when your scans will be ready right now.

Well now I am getting an error on the dashboard that it is having trouble accessing my meshes, so I think they may be getting slammed with VPS activity.

Ah good to know that it’s normal, that it takes so long. I wonder though if there is a “first come, first serve” policy or of it’s based on your position, so that devs in larger cities are processed first.

did u upload it as a public mesh, or private mesh?

Only private mesh are being processed.

I just now watched the Lightship VPS Introduction vid on Youtube. Apparently, Niantic recommends scans between 20 and 40 seconds. I thought, the longer the scan, the better. However none of my scans have been processed. Will try again with a shorter scan.

Hello @Charles_Durham and @Andre_Dirks,

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this further.

Our internal team has resolved the issue causing the ‘Error retrieving your meshes’ error, so please verify that you are now able to view them properly.

Private meshes should show as “Processed” on your developer portal within 4 hours of upload. However, we understand that some meshes are currently showing as “Processing” even beyond the 4-hour mark. If you could please send us the mesh ID’s for those still stuck in the “Processing” phase, we will make sure to have our team look into them (please note that only private meshes will be processed within 4 hours).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

I have 2 meshes in “processing” mode.

Uploaded on 24th May.

Thank you.

Hello Yasassri,

The two meshes you provided are from public scans. Only private scans will show as ‘Processed’ within 4 hours on the developer portal. Could you please submit a private scan and let us know if it processes successfully? Thank you!