Google GeoSpatial API / VPS Support

Good day everyone,

I wanted to ask if there are any plans to support the new Google Geospatial API?

It is supported in ARCore since v1.31.0 and I think its features would really complement ARDK perfectly.

Having access to higher precision location outside of ARDK’s VPS Wayspots, would greatly benefit many sorts of AR applications for sure.

If there are no plans, I would like to ask if there is any way to access ARcore features through ARDK, or would it be necessary to install ARFoundation yourself to access them?

Though in that case, I read elsewhere in the forums, that installing other AR frameworks next to ARDK is not recommended, since it can lead to unexpected problems?

Thank you for your time!


Hi Moritz,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass this information to the team.

In reference to your question, ARCore can be used in conjunction with ARDK. However, we don’t recommend using other AR frameworks within ARDK.

If you run into any problems we are here for support.

For more information on our future plans for features and functionality see our Roadmap page.

Thank you for your response!

How would you recommend using ARCores features in conjunction with ARDK?
ARcore’s extensions for Unity seem to require ARFoundation to work.

Hi. Did you get anywhere with this? I want to be able to have AI spawned far away without having to scan the area first.

Any idea how to use the ARCore Extensions for unity how @Moritz asked? This seems to be a show stopper…