Attaching AR Content to Private Meshes

  • Issue category: VPS

Description of the issue: When we have generated private meshes, how do we go about attaching AR content to it?


Once you generate private mesh successfully then using Wayspot Anchors you can attach AR content to it.
Wayspot anchors allow you to precisely locate AR content in the real world relative to a VPS-activated Wayspot or Private VPS Location. Please refer to this link for more information.
Hope this helps!

Thanks @Umaiya_Doddamani1! Like @AR_Darry I am also interested in testing this. I see the linked documentation but I am more of a creator than a hardcore programmer and it would be amazing to have a walkthrough video of the process. We already have a video tutorial about scanning (yay!) but we’d need something simplistic about the next stepts, too: A video for beginners where the programming is minimized (copy-paste) and it’s really just a walk through of what you do after your scanning is ready. The VPS tutorial was too programming-focused for me and it didn’t show us exactly how to anchor objects in our test location. Any chance for something like this?